Belle lift the title as New Body fall

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29th January 2018
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2nd February 2018

Premier Division



BELLE Construction were crowned champions after edging victory over New Body.

An even start from both teams, saw the ball moving up and down the court constantly.

Bay WD Carly-Dean Lewis made some particularly impressive interceptions.

Belle fought back with strong attacking play to carve out a small lead as they dominated.

Defensive duo Louise Buglar and Lauren Walker worked well to lower New Body’s scoring opportunities, with every interception being converted to points.

Tactical changes from both teams saw New Body begin to close the gap.

However, Belle remained strong in the mid-court to secure some great interceptions and maintain their lead.

The final quarter saw intense determination from both teams.

New Body fought to increase their score – however, Belle’s phenomenal play saw them claim the victory, and the crown.

Premier Division



GEORGE Bar & Grill bagged the runners-up spot after seeing off Bay Fencing.

The George kicked off the first quarter with some superb interceptions in the mid-court to score some early goals.

Bay GD Charlotte Newman upped the defensive pressure in George’s shooting circle – however, George managed to maintain a good lead going into the middle quarters.

Both teams came back fighting, with George GK Laura Pearson working hard to secure turnover for her team.

George dominated the court, scoring a string of goals to increase their lead.

Bay responded with some impressive tactical play and strong passing, but George upped their game and, with some fantastic interceptions, were able to convert goals and further increase the score difference.

The final quarter saw George step up the pressure, with consistently strong defence by GD Becky Cousens.

Bay never gave up, continuing to take every opportunity to lower the score difference.

However, thanks to some spectacular play throughout, it was George who took the victory and secured second place in the Premier Division in their last match of the winter season.

Division Two



COASTAL Cheese claimed the title and won promotion to Division One after this victory.

A close first quarter saw excellent tactical play from both teams.

NMP shooters showed their strength in the circle with consistently accurate shooting.

The competitive play continued, with both teams showing excellent attacking skill.

NMP upped their game to dominate the mid-court, bringing the score level at 12-12. The tension built as play remained close through the third quarter.

Division One



OJOS earned promotion in the top flight after beating Girling & Bowditch.

OJOS were quick to score, carving out a small lead.

Girling fought back with great determination in this evenly-matched first quarter.

OJOs dominated the court in the second quarter with strong attacking play.

Girling upped their defensive pressure, allowing them to regain possession and lower the score difference – however, some fantastic shots ensured that OJOs maintained their lead.

Girling remained resilient, giving their all on court with fierce attacking play.

OJOs were unrelenting, however, securing the victory and a place in the Premier Division next season.



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