Match Reports 11th July 2019

More umpiring success….
17th July 2019
Chance to gain UKCC L1 Assistant coach qualification…..
23rd July 2019

NEW BODY came out fighting to claim an early lead. Buglers’ defence kept good pressure but New Body’s GS, Sue Lee, was able to find space and continued to score.
Buglers made some well-timed interceptions but New Body’s defence kept the ball out of the D. New Body brought Annie Usher to GS, consistently finding the net to increase her team’s lead. Buglers upped their defence in the middle quarters, with skilled marking from Chloe Grier (GD) limiting scoring opportunities.
New Body made some tactical changes after a player came off court injured; they worked well as a team to adjust their play and further increased their lead despite Buglers’ attempts to prevent goals. New Body came out on top after dominating play across the match.

OJOs took an early lead thanks to precise shooting from GA, Mandy Grafton, who later came off after an injury. Waikiki capitalised on this to bring the score level and then take the lead, thanks to a smart defence keeping the ball away from OJOs.
Waikiki’s formidable defenders, Lauren Dabbs (GD) and Leah Stockley (GK), worked well to secure rebounds, allowing their team to add points from turnovers. OJOs upped their attack to limit Waikiki’s lead going into half-time. Both teams came back with renewed determnination as the score remained close. OJOs defence made some good interceptions; however, last-minute interceptions in OJOs’ D allowed Waikiki to reclaim the ball and gain the points.
OJOs made some good tips to halt the fluid movement of Waikiki but this was not enough to prevent scoring opportunities. OJOs’ Lou Gilmour moved to GA, working the ball around the D to give the optimum position for shooting. Waikiki stormed ahead to score a massive 17 goals this final quarter, claiming a well-deserved victory.

BOTH sides quickly found their rhythm but Bay’s Jessica Pym (GS) made the most of scoring opportunities to put her team in the lead. Braves made some small mistakes, which Bay used to their advantage.
Braves upped their game with stronger passes. Bay made some tactical changes but took time to adjust their play; however, they still showed strong play and maintained their lead. Bay upped the pace with riskier passes, some of which Braves intercepted to secure turnovers. Despite this, Bay showed outstanding drive to score 23 goals this quarter, keeping them firmly in the lead.
Braves fought for every ball but couldn’t overcome the might of Bay, who walked away triumphant in this superb display of netball skill.

THE first quarter started evenly as both teams worked to secure turnovers. Wyke made some precise passes across the court but Artifex’s defence ensured the ball couldn’t reach the D. Some on-point interceptions allowed Artifex to pull away with a small lead.
Wyke came back with renewed determination; excellent long-shots by GA, Tracey Moore, helped them even the score slightly. Artifex’s WA, Kirsty Holmes, made some sharp passes to move the ball swiftly to her shooters, who were waiting to convert. Some mistakes by Artifex in the third quarter gave Wyke the opportunity to rack up some crucial goals.
Wyke gave their all in the final quarter, quickly drawing even with Artifex. Good use of rebounds from Wyke saw them take the lead. Artifex gave a final push in an attempt to claw back the lead but Wyke held on tight, winning this tense game by a single point.

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