Match Reports 6.2.2020

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26th February 2020
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26th February 2020

ARTIFEX B secured their promotion to Division One, although the odds seemed stacked against them.
Artifex B was quick to find their rhythm and carve out a small lead. Artifex C was made to work hard against their opponents’ fast-paced play, but could not narrow the score difference.
An injury for Artifex B left them a player down going into the second quarter. Good interceptions from Artifex C set up crucial scoring opportunities, which Kelly Riglar (GS) was keen to take advantage of. Artifex B kept their spirits high as they continued to boost their score. The teams were forced to up their game as the wind picked up over half-time. Artifex C continued to make skilful interceptions and put increased pressure on B’s attack. Artifex B’s Jane Bayley moved to GS, where she was instrumental in advancing her team’s lead, with B having over three times the score of C.
Artifex C battled through as they tried to pull it back. However, Artifex B was equally determined, making this the highest-scoring quarter for both teams. Ultimately, Artifex B’s hard work paid off as they secured their place at the top of Division Two.

DIVISION leaders Cannadox continued their season-long winning streak.
Bay Fencing took on Cannadox, playing to stay in their division. Cannadox made a terrific start, with their attackers acting in sync to move the ball across court. Cannadox’s Stacey Groves (GS) made every shot count as she carved out a lead for her team.
Bay came back fighting, with improved midcourt communication between Hayley Stanton (C) and Becky Chance (WA) increasing possession. However, Cannadox continued to dominate with fluid passing and accurate shots. The third quarter saw intense back-and-forth play as Bay fought for every ball. Cannadox introduced short, sharp passes to overcome tough Bay defence and extend their lead significantly.
Bay showed superb tactical play in the final quarter to match their skilled opponents. However, Cannadox gave their all until the final whistle, scoring 14 points to earn an outstanding victory and remain undefeated this season.

SKILL and composure were the hallmarks of this premier division match-up.
Artifex A took an early lead. Their defensive pressure caught Cresta off guard and allowed Artifex some great turnovers; GS Laura Gardener was on-hand to expertly convert these into points.
Artifex A continued to show their depth, with players changing positions in the second quarter. Cresta’s defence closed in, with GK June Reed and GD Lucy Astrid making excellent interceptions and disrupting Artifex’s flow.
More changes for Artifex saw Jo Carter switch from GK to WA, showing off her versatility on both ends of the court. Dynamic and cohesive play from both teams meant that points were almost goal-for-goal through the second half. Cresta WD Olivia May and C Jess Cutler put intense pressure on Artifex’s midcourt. Artifex utilised their strength as a team, constantly supporting each other. Claire Putnam (WA) moved well in her attacking third, feeding strong and precise balls to her shooters. This allowed Artifex to keep adding points and hold on to the win.

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