Allways have no answer to Waikiki

Buglers sound in last-gasp victory
16th July 2018
More Umpiring Success….
16th July 2018

Division One



TEAM Waikiki hammered bottom-of-the-table Allways Removals to move to just four points away from third-placed Wyke Smugglers as the gap between third and sixth narrowed in Division One.

Waikiki came out fighting with superb movement around the court however, Allways’ GK Millie Thompson was quick to intercept in the D.

Despite this, Waikiki were able to make the most of scoring opportunities and carve out a small lead.

Allways upped their game to bring the ball to GA Becky Warland, who was waiting to convert.

Waikiki took charge of the mid-ourt, with C Jo Baldwin using space well to give her team-mates options.

Intense pressure by Waikiki’s defenders made it hard for Allways to gain possession and gave Waikiki’s shooters more opportunities to increase their lead.

Waikiki started this fast-paced final quarter with a 22-goal lead but Allways remained determined and went for every ball, however, Waikiki claimed a comprehensive victory.



CRESTA Leisure overcame pressure from Coastal Cheese to stay in fifth and maintain their place in the chasing pack behind the top four in Division One.

Coastal made a great start, putting pressure on Cresta’s defence.

Cresta responded with fantastic tactical play from GA Sue Woolley making the most of scoring opportunities.

Coastal persevered, with defenders Jenna Harvey (WD) and Anna Mitchell (GD) providing great back-up for their shooters with precise passing – however, superb tactical play from Cresta’s Jayne Guppy (WA) allowed her team to carve out a small lead.

Cresta dominated the court in the middle quarters with brilliant use of interceptions.

Tactical changes for both teams at half-time made for a competitive third quarter, particularly around the mid-court.

Great teamwork from Coastal put pressure on Cresta, but they worked well to overcome this and increased their lead going into the final quarter.

Both teams showed their skills in the final quarter, with spectacular long-range shooting and fine interceptions – however, it was Cresta who emerged victorious

Premier Division



NEW Body Fitness fought past Saints Security to stay one-point ahead of Waterside, who have a game in hand, in the Premier Division.

Both teams gave their all in this evenly-matched first quarter. New Body GK Leanne Studley made great use of interceptions to secure turnovers for her team.

Saints’ GS Sam Rees made some impressive long-range shots to keep her team in the game going into the second quarter.

Saints’ GD Becky Hallet made some crucial interceptions, however, New Body’s shooters were able to make the most of scoring opportunities to increase their lead. Both teams kept up great energy, but New Body were able to maintain a good lead.

The final quarter saw more intense play from both teams, but in the end, New Body showed their skill and increased their lead to claim the victory.

Division Two



A DETERMINED NMP Property beat Café Oasis to widen the gap between the two sides in third and fourth place respectively.

Both teams were quick to score in an even start to the match. NMP began to carve out a small lead with precise shooting from Stacie Stewart (GS).

However, fast play from Oasis’ Jane Snarey (WA) allowed her team to gain a final goal before the end of the quarter.

NMP worked well around the D to increase their lead.

Oasis showed great control of the ball across the court but were unable to make effective use of scoring opportunities.

Frequent interceptions and impressive use of space in the D allowed NMP to further increase their lead.

Oasis fought to gain possession and create scoring opportunities, however, NMP’s determined play allowed them to claim a well-earned victory.

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