Cresta edged out by Bay’s late rally

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12th April 2017
Electrical power to a win over Girling
8th May 2017

Division One



BAY Fencing held the edge in this tight high-scoring contest to grab the points.

The clash started well for Cresta Leisure with a great interception from GA Jayne Guppy, who followed up with some excellent shooting to get her team off the starting block.

Bay struggled to settle after an early injury and ended the quarter seven goals down.

Some tactical changes to Bay Fencing’s line-up in the quarter break saw a marked improvement in play.

WA Hayley Stanton showed fluid movement and agility, finding space and helping her team move the ball towards their shooters.

Cresta worked well to control the pace of the game but Bay were in their stride and working hard to close the gap.

The final quarter saw outstanding play from both teams.

GS for Cresta, Carolyn Allgood, put up some amazing shots but Bay’s GD, Corinne March, made some great interceptions, which Bay’s shooters converted into points, allowing them to clinch the win in the dying minutes of the game.


Premier Division



THIS top level match saw and excellent start for both teams, with Wetherspoons taking the lead thanks to extremely accurate shooting from Lynsey Gardner at GA.

Throughout the second and third periods, Wetherspoons started to dominate with exceptional play from Becky Hallet at C.

Poachers made some changes to their attacking line-up and this proved to be effective, with Nicole Birley at WA, feeding some great balls into the circle.

However, Wetherspoons’ determination was palpable and their relentless attack saw them end the third period 17 goals ahead.

Poachers entered the final period determined to stay within half of Wetherspoons’ score.

Their defensive team worked tirelessly to shut down Wetherspoons’ opportunities to score and this proved very effective, limiting Wetherspoons to only seven goals in the quarter, but it was not enough to take the lead and Wetherspoons walked away victorious.


Division One

OTC 39


OTC pulled out all the stops in the final quarter to seal the points.

Oasis started strongly with an interception off the first centre pass but were unable to convert this opportunity to points.

OTC’s GA Bryony White managed to create space in her shooting circle, despite fantastic defensive pressure from Oasis, and her impressive shooting racked up points for OTC.

Oasis continued to show determination and strong teamwork through the second quarter, with some brilliant interceptions by Kirsty Holmes in GD, converted into points with some breathtaking goals from GA Eleanor Lake.

Oasis managed to take the lead for a short spell but OTC were not to be outdone.

Some well-timed interceptions off the centre pass allowed OTC to take the lead once more, with superb play from WA Rachel Lockwood.

The final quarter saw both teams fighting for the win, with Oasis narrowing the gap slightly but OTC pulled out all the stops to ensure they retained the win.


Division Two



COASTAL Cheese earned victory after a very competitive clash.

Both teams started with energetic, fast-paced play. Coastal Cheese made some great interceptions, combined with excellent feeding into the circle, maximising their shooters’ opportunities to score.

Allways Removals’ defensive duo, Gilly Woodsford (GD) and Jackie Savage (GK), delivered intense pressure through the middle part of the match, but Allways were still behind by half-time.

Allways then made some team changes in an effort to change their game but Coastal was not to be distracted and continued to push ahead. Ellie Cumpsty, GD for Coastal, showed good commitment throughout the match.

The final quarter saw outstanding mid-court play from both teams, with new GA Lauren Oates producing some excellent goals for Coastal. This allowed them to maintain their lead and finish the game on top.

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