Cresta Leisure storm past Beaminster Braves for victory

Coastal Cheese crushed as Cresta Leisure prevail
27th September 2018
Cresta Leisure win again to continue run
22nd October 2018




NEW Body Fitness put 60 points past Waterside in a 60-31 Premier Division thumping.

New Body showed their strength with sharp, accurate passing and, despite a few key interceptions by Waterside, were able to carve out a good lead.

Waterside came back fighting, with GA, Kirsty Holmes, giving her all to lower the score difference. New Body pushed back with great tactical play to strengthen their lead.

The third quarter saw determined but scrappy play as both sides eagerly chased the ball. Waterside upped their game with superb communication across court, helping them to move the ball fluidly to their shooters.

However, New Body’s Leanne Studley (GD) and Izzy Roberts (GK) ensured they were unable to convert. New Body dominated the final quarter, working hard to further their lead for victory.

Division One



WYKE Smugglers edged Coastal Cheese 38-36 in a thrilling Division One battle.

Coastal was quick to get the ball to their D and Wyke were waiting with a formidable defence but Coastal were able to push through and find the net.

Wyke showed their strength in the mid-court to move the ball effortlessly to their shooters and by the end of the quarter the score was even at 10-all.

Both teams showed great energy as players fought for every ball. Coastal upped their defence with tight marking to secure several turnovers and gain a small lead. The third quarter saw fast-paced play across court. Coastal’s C, Wendy Doyle, made fantastic use of space to drive the ball forward but Wyke fought back with excellent passing between Julie Gear (C) and Freyja Ellis (WA) to take the lead.

Wyke dominated the final quarter with sharp shooting to extend their lead. Coastal kept up their determination, managing to lower the score difference, but, in the end, Wyke walked away with the hard-fought victory.

Division One



CRESTA Leisure produced a one-sided 52-15 over Beaminster Braves in Division One.

Cresta gained an early lead thanks to superb feeding into the circle by C, Jess Cutler. As the pace picked up, Braves fought back to lower the score difference slightly.

Cresta started to find their flow but some well-timed interceptions by Braves’ GK, Lucy Bugler, limited scoring opportunities. Cresta responded by upping their defence, with strong pressure ensuring they maintained their lead.

Braves came back fighting in the third quarter with more accurate passing and tighter defence, however, effortless interceptions by Cresta’s WA, Kate Sanderson, meant Braves were unable to capitalise.

The final quarter saw continuing energetic play from both teams. Braves’ GS, Niamh Randall took advantage of scoring opportunities, however, Cresta’s defence worked hard to ensure these were limited, allowing them to increase their lead and claim the victory.



SAINTS Security conjured a nailbiting 44-43 success over OJOS A in the Premier Division.

OJOs came out fighting with outstanding pressure from the start. Saints found their rhythm, however, scoring a string of goals to carve out a small lead.

A tactical change by Saints saw Becky Hallet move to C, giving renewed energy to the mid-court. OJOs’ defenders worked hard to limit Saints’ scoring opportunities, but some fantastic feeding by Saints’ WA, Cara Rose, helped them maintain their lead.

OJOs made a comeback in the third quarter, with precise shooting from duo Chloe Weldon (GA) and Mandy Grafton (GS) lowering the score difference.

OJOs displayed great communication and positivity, making for enthusiastic play, but Saints’ determination shone through as they held on to a two-goal lead.

Intense play from both teams made for a close final quarter. Shooters at both ends made the most of scoring opportunities.

OJOs upped their pressure in the final minutes but were unable to close the gap, as Saints claimed the victory with a hard-earned one-goal lead.

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