George Maintain Title push…..

40th Anniversary
6th November 2018
Belle Construction craft rout of Gungho…
21st February 2019

Premier Division



GEORGE Bar & Grill maintained their title push after seeing off the challenge of Saints Security with a 29-19 success.

Tight marking from Saints proved a challenge for George, who adapted well to find space around the court. Both teams’ defenders had to work hard to combat strong attacking play. George’s Rachel Scarff (GS) made some superb shots to carve out a small lead for her team.

Good feeding into the circle by Saints gave Natalie Summerfield (GA) scoring opportunities, which she took full advantage of to lower the score difference. George upped the pace but Saints stayed calm under the pressure. George timed their passes well, feeding smoothly into GA, Rachel Lockwood, who showed great skill with accurate long-distance shooting to increase her team’s lead.

Saints worked well in the mid-court to feed into the D but George’s defenders worked hard to secure rebounds. Good use of space by George made for smooth feeding into the D, and superb shooting allowed them to increase their lead to claim the victory.

Division One


COASTAL Cheese edged a thrilling match against Cresta Leisure, running out 37-35 winners.

Coastal stormed ahead with great teamwork across court. Both teams made a few mistakes but Coastal pulled ahead to earn a convincing lead.

Cresta made a spectacular comeback, securing the first two goals of the second quarter. Coastal fought to regain control but Cresta were relentless, pulling back to within one goal of their opponent by half-time. Both teams gave their all, with goal-for-goal scoring keeping a two-point goal difference.

The evenly-matched play continued with victory within reach of both teams.

Cresta’s GA Jayne Guppy made some great shots to find the net for her team, but Coastal were able to defend their lead and emerged triumphant.

Division Two



LEADERS Artifex took a resounding 41-20 win over Meraki in Division Two.

Good movement across the court set Artifex up for an early lead.

Meraki responded with some crucial interceptions, with Kelly Riglar (GS) quick to secure turnovers. Artifex found their rhythm and, despite a hard-working defence from Meraki, were able to carve out a small lead.

Meraki upped their game with tighter defence and more accurate passes. However, superb feeding into the circle from Artifex created scoring opportunities which Candice Barton (GS) was quick to take advantage of, keeping her team in front.

Well-timed interceptions for Meraki created opportunities for turnovers, but superb pressure from Artifex’s Jo Carter (GK) kept Meraki’s shooters from finding the net.

Despite some good feeding into the D, strong defence by Meraki’s Jemima Hunter (GK) made it difficult for Artifex to score. However, throughout the match Artifex read the game well and made the most of every ball, resulting in a phenomenal win.

Division Two



NMP Property took a convincing 28-16 win over WJNC.

NMP made the most of the first centre to secure the opening point.

WJNC responded with quick play down the court and superb shots from the edge of the D; strong defence from Amber Hider (GK) resulted in well-executed turnovers. However, consistently accurate shooting from Stacie Stewart (GS) allowed NMP to carve out a small lead.

NMP came back with great energy to continue racking up points but WJNC upped their defence, resulting in some crucial turnovers. Wet conditions added to the difficulty for both teams, resulting in the ball moving constantly across the court as possession changed. The pace slowed down considerably and NMP used this to their advantage to increase their lead.

Despite several attempts by WJNC to intercept, NMP maintained their lead, securing a well-fought victory.

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