Gungho Marketing claim win on Premier Division start

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13th September 2018
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18th September 2018



GUNGHO came out fighting in their first Premier Division match and ended it with a well-earned 30-21 victory over OJOs A.

Fantastic interceptions created scoring opportunities which Gungho’s shooting duo were quick to capitalise on. OJOs responded with brilliant shooting by GA Chloe Weldon however, Gungho ended the quarter with a two-goal lead.

The second-quarter saw tough, evenly-matched play; Gungho’s shooters made great use of space around the D, but OJOs fought back with a steadfast defence. Gungho showed great teamwork, resulting in crucial rebounds and turnovers which allowed them to increase their lead.

Tensions were high in the fast-paced final quarter as both teams continued to give their all. A tactical change for Gungho saw Evie Hambleton-White on top form at GA, giving her team a final burst of points to put them in the lead to claim the win.



GEORGE Bar and Grill forged ahead with some great interceptions to overcome Waterside 33-18 in the Premier Division.

George’s defenders showed impeccable tactical skill, which was met with fierce determination from Waterside’s attackers, leaving the score even going into the second quarter.

Both teams came back fighting, making skilful use of space as attackers fought to overcome their opponents’ defence. George’s WA, Kirsty Winning, caught some awkward balls to secure interceptions and George’s athletic passion shone through, making play look effortless as they overcame Waterside’s defence to build a good lead.

George came out fighting to defend their lead against the unyielding Waterside. George GS, Rachel Scarff, made some excellent rebounds but Waterside GD, Sophie Cooper, maintained a rigid defence. However, George who forged ahead with relentless focus to claim the victory.




BOTH teams made a tentative start as they settled into their first match of the season which saw Wyke ease to a 34-13 victory in Division One. Soon, however, Wyke found their rhythm and carved out a small lead thanks to some well-timed interceptions.

Braves’ Carla Wood (GD) and Lucy Bugler (GK) worked to combat Wyke’s fierce attack, however Wyke’s Tracy Moore (GS) and Sam Courtice (GK) showed their skill with some great distance shots to overcome Braves’ defence and further increase their lead. Braves were unable to score, leaving a big score difference by the end of the third quarter.

In the end Wyke emerged victorious thanks to superb all-round play.




WJNC’s new team got off to a great start in Division Two with a superb 30-20 victory over DDBI.

Outstanding interceptions by GD, Mailia Brown allowed GS, Amelie Comben-Lindsay, to show off her shooting skill. DDBI’s C, Sarah Longstaffe, put great pressure on WJNC resulting in key interceptions at centre passes. However, WJNC persevered and were able to pull ahead by the end of the first quarter.

WJNC upped their defence in the D to prevent DDBI taking advantage of scoring opportunities and their superb attacking play allowed them to remain in the lead going into the final quarter.

WJNC were quick to pile on the pressure as DDBI worked the ball around the midcourt. Despite a great amount of determination, DDBI were unable to lower the score difference and WJNC came out on top.

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