GW Electrical’s power in top-two crunch

Junior Netball: Season ends with awards night glee
16th November 2017
Congratulations to 5 Members for passing their Umpiring Tests……
16th November 2017

Division One
OTC 15

GW ELECTRICAL came out on top after beating leaders OTC in a top-two showdown.
Both teams came out with fierce determination in the first quarter, with strong passes and superb interceptions seeing the ball move continuously across the court.
However, thanks to excellent shooting skills, from GW Electrical was able to carve out a small lead, despite some excellent interceptions from OTC.
GW came into the middle quarters with renewed confidence, displaying excellent tactical game-play to increase their lead despite OTC’s determined play.

Great interceptions by GW in OTC’s shooting circle limited their scoring opportunities, ensuring GW maintained their lead going into the final quarter.

The final period saw great determination from both teams, with excellent play around GW’s shooting circle putting pressure on OTC shooters to score.

In the end, it was GW’s superb skill across the court which allowed them to claim the victory when the final whistle blew.

Division Two



ALLWAYS maintained their chase for the title with a tight win over Basepoint.

Both teams started with energetic, fast-paced play with Basepoint making some great interceptions, combined with excellent feeding into the circle.

Allways remained calm, responding with equally impressive interceptions in Basepoint’s shooting circle to regain possession – thanks to good use of space and communication, Allways’ attackers were able to get the ball back to their shooters, who were waiting to convert.

Allways’ defensive duo delivered intense pressure through the middle part of the match, shutting down Basepoint’s scoring potential and allowing their team to maintain a strong lead.

Basepoint’s shooters worked tirelessly to take advantage of every scoring opportunity, however, ensuring they ended the third quarter only a few points behind their opponents.

The final quarter saw outstanding mid-court play from both teams.

Despite a final push from Basepoint, it was Allways’ fluid movement and excellent passing – from first whistle to last – which ultimately allowed them to maintain their lead and finish the game on top.

Premier Division

WATERSIDE started the game with fantastic attacking skill, keeping good control of the ball despite fast-paced play.
Waikiki seemed to take a bit longer to find their rhythm and this allowed Waterside to dominate the first quarter.
The middle periods of the game provided fast-paced, evenly-matched game-play, as Waterside shooters faced off against Waikiki’s defenders in the circle.
Thanks to their impressive teamwork and communication, Waterside maintained their lead.
Waikiki came back from the quarter break with renewed vigour and displayed determined attacking play.
Waterside made some good turnovers, allowing them to score from Waikiki’s centre passes.
Waikiki was unable to counteract Waterside’s relentless attack, allowing Waterside to claim a well-earned, 22-goal victory.

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