Waterside on top as George beaten

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10th May 2018
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10th May 2018

Premier Division



WATERSIDE cemented their place in third after beating the George Bar & Grill in a competitive top-flight contest.

The first quarter of this highly-contested match saw some fierce determination from both sides.

George’s GK Becky Cousens put up a strong defence but this did not impede the formidable attack of Waterside’s GS Susan Lee, who was able to gain a small lead for her team.

George upped their game, with superb tactical play from C Kirsty Winning, allowing them to reduce the score difference to three goals.

Tactical changes at half-time saw Nicki Marsh move to C, showcasing some fantastic attacking skill.

However, this was met by equally strong defence by Waterside’s GD Sophie Brook, who ensured her team remained in the lead going into the final quarter.

The scoreline remained close through the final period, however, Waterside had the edge and strong feeding into the circle by GA Kirst Holmes ensured they walked away with the victory.

Division Two



CAFÉ Oasis showed strong tactical play, especially in their shooting third to claim the points.

DDBI countered with some fantastic interceptions to limit Oasis’ scoring opportunities, moving the ball to their shooters to secure a one-goal lead going into the middle quarters.

DDBI’s C Megan Lewis and WA Abby Deketleare worked well together to move the ball down the court.

Oasis found a good rhythm to move the ball swiftly to their shooters with particularly precise passing from WA Rosie Barton.

Despite some well-timed interceptions by DDBI, Oasis carved out a good lead, thanks to consistently accurate shooting from GA Eleanor Lake and GS Candice Barton.

Oasis’ skilled shooting continued in this fast-paced final quarter and, despite a great effort, DDBI were unable to match the experienced play of their opponents who emerged victorious.

Division One


OTC 34

WAIKIKI gained an early lead, with great defending by Lauren Stones (GD) and Leah Stockley (GK) ensuring OTC were unable to make the most of scoring opportunities.

OTC upped their game, with impressive interceptions by Lauren Kenney (WA) and Emma Bright (C), allowing them to level the score to 5-5 at the end of the first quarter.

Both teams came back fighting, although OTC dominated the mid-court. Waikiki countered with strong shooting, ensuring the score remained even at half-time.

Despite strong pressure by Waikiki, OTC were able to showcase phenomenal centre-court play, including impressive fluid passing.

Waikiki continued to do everything they could to narrow the difference, however, OTC’s consistently strong play secured them the victory.

Division One



WYKE Smugglers made a particularly strong start, with excellent use of space from GS Sophia Voss, allowing her team to take an early lead.

Coastal fought hard to overcome a solid defence by Smugglers, managing to reduce the eficit slightly going into the second quarter.

Coastal upped their game to score an early goal, thanks to accurate shooting from GS Crissy Paget.

Wyke responded by converting a string of goals and increase their lead.

Tactical changes for Coastal gave them a slight boost, with Wendy Doyle at C showing great determination, although Wyke’s Sam Courtice worked well at GK.

Coastal persevered, keeping up great energy to the very end. However, Wyke’s strength and experience ensured they were able to claim a well-deserved victory.

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