Belle Construction craft George Grilling, in table topping clash…

Aritfex Shoot past Meraki in a big win….
21st February 2019
Belle Construction crowned champions as Cresta and Artifex promoted…
21st February 2019

Premier Division



LEADERS Belle took the spoils after seeing off second-placed George in a contest that was dictated by the wet conditions.

However, these high-fliers were undeterred, using creative long-range shots to gain ground.

End-to-end play meant the score was low for both teams, but Belle pushed slightly ahead going into the second quarter.

Tactical changes included different footwear to combat the slippery courts.

A strong mid-court defence from George and increasingly windy conditions upped the difficulty for Belle, but they rose to the challenge to defend their lead.

Superb shooting and rigid defence from Belle ensured they kept up the score difference.

Both teams showed immense skill to overcome the extreme court conditions but Belle’s hard work paid off as they emerged triumphant.

Division One



TABLE-TOPPERS Cresta saw off basement side Beaminster after taking an early lead with a number of turnovers, as well as excellent use of rebounds by Jane Guppy (GK).

Braves responded by making good use of loose balls. Cresta’s shooters moved well around the D to get some good shots, however, Braves’ Carla Wood (GD) worked well to secure any rebounds.

In Braves’ D, Cresta’s defenders kept up strong pressure to ensure Braves could not capitalise on scoring opportunities.

Cresta’s Jess Cutler (C) made some good feeds into the D, which her shooters expertly converted, despite a hard-working defence from Braves.

Braves showed their determination, giving their all against Cresta’s tough defence. However, Cresta continued their impressive play as their shooters secured every shot, to secure victory.

Division One



BAY made a good start, with tight marking against Waikiki’s dynamic attack. Confident shooting from Bay’s Chantelle Halloran (GS) gave her team a strong lead.

Waikiki upped their defence but Bay’s players were like a well-oiled machine, swiftly sinking goals to increase their lead.

The pace increased in the third quarter but both teams kept good control of the ball, maintaining the flow of the game.

Outstanding shooting from Waikiki allowed them to close the score difference slightly.

Both teams gave their all with fantastic stamina, but Bay held on to their lead by three goals to end up with the win.

Premier Division


OTC 24

BOTH teams came out fighting in this close-fought game. Gungho edged ahead with impressive turnovers from Gabby Bennett (WD) and sharp shooting from Evie Hambleton-White (GA).

Struggling OTC upped their attack, with excellent play into the circle by Sally Millar (WA).

Gungho fought back to keep a one-goal lead at half-time. The third quarter saw tight marking and competitive mid-court play, particularly from OTC’s Emma Bright (C).

Gungho kept fighting and managed to stay one goal ahead.

The struggle for victory continued in a nail-biting competition of evenly-matched ability.

Gungho’s defenders pushed themselves to get some much-needed turnovers, allowing their shooters to rack up points to secure victory.

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