Aritfex Shoot past Meraki in a big win….

Gungho push on to sink Saints…..
21st February 2019
Belle Construction craft George Grilling, in table topping clash…
21st February 2019

Division Two


ARTIFEX took an early lead they would not relinquish thanks to outstanding shooting from debut player Madison Carter (GS), who was also named Umpires’ Player of the Match in their 47-11 win.

Meraki’s attack worked hard but struggled against strong defence from Artifex’s Rhiannon Carter (WD), allowing Artifex to push further ahead.

Artifex ramped up the pressure around Meraki’s D to limit their scoring opportunities.

Meraki refused to give up, with Vicki Potts (WA) and Kath Clay (C) finding space to feed into their shooters, however they were unable to make the most of these scoring opportunities as Artifex pulled further ahead.

Both teams showed great tactical play in the final quarter, with rigid defence meeting relentless attack from both sides.

However, Artifex showed why they are top of their division with each player doing their part to keep the game flowing and ultimately triumph.

Division Two


THE quarter started off evenly-matched with strong passing around court and the sides could not be separated in a thrilling 36-36 draw.

Despite some lovely feeding into the circle by DDBI, it was Allways who pulled ahead thanks to superb shooting from Henni Green (GS).

DDBI upped their defence, with Fiona Wilcox (GD) and Jade Turner (GK) working hard to secure rebounds.

Allways fought back to even the score-line, leaving them at 17-17 by half-time.

Suspense built as the teams grappled for the lead with goal-for-goal scoring; despite each team’s best efforts, the score remained even once again.

Both teams showed extreme determination but neither could surpass the other, ending the hard-fought game in a draw.

Division Two


BOTH teams came out fighting with fierce end-to-end attacking play but WJNC prevailed 27-17.

Despite slippery conditions, both teams moved well around the court resulting in some good goals to keep the score close.

NMP upped their defensive pressure with good marking and well-timed interceptions, limiting WJNC’s scoring opportunities to carve out a small lead.

The pace picked up in the third quarter as play intensified.

Rigid defending from both sides meant few goals were scored in this quarter as shooters struggled to find the net.

WJNC dominated possession in the final quarter; their players moved the ball well around the court and shooters Ameile Comben-Lindsay (GS) and Libby Davis (GA) worked hard to rack up points before extending their lead significantly to secure the victory.

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