Gungho push on to sink Saints…..

Belle Construction craft rout of Gungho…
21st February 2019
Aritfex Shoot past Meraki in a big win….
21st February 2019

Premier Division



GUNGHO Marketing took a simple 37-25 win over Saints Security in the Premier Division.

A fast-paced first quarter saw strong, assured passing from both teams.

Saints scored some early goals thanks to sharp shooting near the edge of the D by Sam Rees (GS).

Gungho made good use of space to work the ball across the court but Saints’ defenders were waiting to claim the ball, resulting in turnovers to narrow the score difference.

Gungho fought back, with well-timed interceptions from WA Tia Chaloner, to protect their lead.

Half-time tactical changes for Gungho worked to their advantage, with a slower pace allowing for more accurate play.

Saints came back fighting despite injuries to their GD and C; however, Gungho’s speed and confidence showed as they pushed further ahead to grab the victory.

Division Two



DDBI made a strong start but it was Artifex who romped ahead with a 57-17 win thanks to superb mid-court play and fantastic shooting from GA Nicola Powell.

Artifex continued to move well around the court, finding space and securing goals.

DDBI upped their attack, with exceptional work from shooting duo Emily Peacock (GS) and Becca Duffield (GA) to overcome Artifex’s defence and lower the score difference.

Both teams made some tactical changes to up their game in the final quarter.

Artfiex brought on Candice Barton at GS, showing phenomenal skill as she sank every shot, racking up 20 points for her team.

Artifex defenders worked hard in their opponent’s D to ensure they could not take advantage of scoring opportunities. This was a winning combination for Artifex, who massively increased their lead to end triumphant.

Premier Division

OTC 26


GEORGE pulled ahead in this fast-paced first quarter and never looked back in a 40-26 win with some outstanding shooting, whilst top-quality defending from Juliette Frampton (GD) and Laura Pearson (GK) kept OTC’s shooters at bay.

OTC’s Emma Bright (C) worked hard in the mid-court to secure interceptions for her team but George were able to maintain a strong lead.

OTC upped their game but struggled to find the net.

George’s shooters made good use of rebounds, whilst their mid-court players made a great effort to create more scoring opportunities through superb interceptions.

OTC upped their game to claw back some points but George kept the goals flowing to ultimately claim a strong win.

Division One



WAIKIKI did not relinquish an early lead in their 36-17 success over Beaminster Braves thanks to strong passes down the court to their shooters, who were waiting to convert.

Braves responded by securing a string of turnovers, allowing them to end the first quarter only two goals behind Waikiki.

Waikiki upped their game, with Jo Baldwin (C) securing well-timed interceptions which her shooters easily converted.

Braves fought back with outstanding teamwork between Beth Skinner (WA) and Grace Randall (GA) around the circle – however, Waikiki ensured they were unable to capitalise.

Waikiki dominated the third quarter, scoring three consecutive goals with superb tactical play and continued to increase their lead in a convincing win.

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