GW Electrical Power Against the Wind

Winter 2017/18 Fixtures are now realeased!
21st August 2017
Waterside Impress as Cresta Fall
26th September 2017

Division One


OTC 21

HIGH winds made for a difficult first game of the season, but GW Electrical powered through to earn the three points.

GW worked hard to gain possession of the ball, making the most of scoring opportunities.

OTC pushed back with some brilliant interceptions from WD Kirsty Sibley, disrupting GW’s flow and keeping the game even. Despite OTC’s efforts, GW managed to keep the lad going into the second quarter.

OTC showed off their attacking skill in the middle quarters, with excellent communication between players.

GW fought hard to gain back possession of the ball, with determined play from GA Hettie Hudson, seeing the ball move down the court to the circle.

GW started to regain their rhythm, despite rainfall creating slippery conditions on court.

With only three goals difference at the end of the third quarter, both teams came into the final quarter more determined than ever. GW’s GK Laura Osmond worked fiercely tot turnover the ball, resulting in a goal for her team.

OTC’s GA Ceri Billings, made excellent use of space to find the net for her team; however GW maintained their lead to claim their first win of the winter season.

Premier Division



GEORGE made a spectacular start, with superb play from attacking duo Rachel Lockwood at GS and GA Laura Gardner, finding the net in the first 30 seconds of play to ignite an early lead.

Saint Security worked hard to even the score, however, by the end of the quarter, George managed to carve out a small lead.

Saint Security’s defence showed their skill to oppose George’s determined attack, with Becky Hallet at C dominating the court expertly.

The pace picked up in the third quarter as the ball moved constantly up and down the court.

George Bar and Grill’s persistent play allowed them to increase their lead going into the final quarter.

The final quarter was packed with action; both teams fought to gain possession of the ball, and there were few wasted scoring opportunities.

Despite great efforts from Saint Security, they were unable to catch up to George, who walked away from the match victorious.

Premier Division



BELLE was quick to find their rhythm, scoring five goals in quick succession.

Bay struggled to gain possession of the ball, as Belle’s professional pace and controlled passes left no room for interception.

Belle continued their scoring streak, with excellent movement in the circle from GS Leanne Holmes.

Bay were able to increase their score slightly, however Belle’s attacking pressure and slippery conditions added to their challenge.

Belle continued to rack up points, with Bay working tirelessly to keep up. In the end , Belle’s phenomenal play meant they ended the match with an incredible victory.

Division Two



THE match started off evenly, with both teams showing their determination.

Both teams had to work hard to get the ball to their shooters, due to fantastic defence on both sides.

This meant the score was close at the end of the quarter, with Meraki only one goal ahead of NMP.

The energy remained high in the middle quarters, despite unfavourable weather conditions. NMP showed incredible skill to push ahead of Meraki, with incredible play from C, Beth Mears, allowing her team to get the ball to the circle and increase their score.

The final quarter saw some fantastic interception from both sides, but as the game came to a close, NMP were able to maintain their lead and claim a convincing victory.

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