Waterside Impress as Cresta Fall

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19th September 2017
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26th September 2017

Premier Division



WATERSIDE made an impressive start in this top-flight victory, with excellent defence from GK Kiera Boardman to limit Cresta’s scoring opportunities.

Cresta responded with well-timed interceptions from GD Lucy Astrid keeping the game evenly-matched.

Waterside were persistent, however, and worked hard to pull ahead and carve out a small lead.

Cresta came back with determination, scoring two consecutive goals at the start of the second quarter, with GS Carolyn Allgood displaying particularly impressive shooting skill. Waterside upped their game, with WD Sarah Beales, dominating the mid-court to ensure her team kept possession of the ball.

Both teams fought hard, however, Waterside were able to maintain their lead going into the final quarter.

Both teams kept up their enthusiasm through the final minutes, moving the ball up and down the court continuously.

Despite a superb effort from Cresta, Waterside were able to increase their lead and walk away with the victory.

Division One

OTC 28


OTC were quick to take advantage of scoring opportunities, with GS Bryony White showing off her effortless shooting skills.

Girling’s determination shone through, however, as they began to dominate the court with some brilliant interceptions.

With both teams giving it their all, the scoreline was extremely close at the end of the first quarter, as Girling took the lead by one goal.

Girling worked hard to extend their lead, however, OTC upped their game, so that the ball was moving constantly up and down the court as both teams fought to take possession.

Persistent play from OTC saw the score even out once again, however, OTC kept going, increasing their pace and continuing to find the net to pull ahead going into the final quarter.

With both teams equally determined to win, play remained fast and frenzied across the court.

Tension built as the game reached its conclusion, but in at the end of this epic contest, it was Girling who managed to pull ahead in the final minutes to claim the victory.

Division Two


OJOs B 23

ALLWAYS Removals started strongly with excellent defence making it hard for OJOs B to put points on the board.

However, once settled, OJOs B did well to return the pressure, limiting the quarter to eight goals in the 15 minutes.

The middle quarters continued neck and neck, with these evenly matched teams both using the court well.

OJOs B centre Mandy Langton worked as an anchor for her team, keeping them calm while always applying pressure. Allways GA Catherine Simmons worked well in the D to provide more scoring opportunities for her team.

A final push from OJOs B saw Allways falter a little under the pressure in the last quarter, but they held on to end the match with a one-goal win.

Division One



GUNGHO Marketing used the court well right from the first whistle, allowing them to take an early lead.

Wyke Smugglers struggled to get the ball into their shooting circle, thanks to the defensive pressure of Jess Beals (WD) and Frankie Harris (C) of Gungho Marketing.

However, Smugglers’ Tracey Moore (GA) rewarded her teams hard work by ensuring that every ball that made it into the circle was converted into a goal.

Wyke Smugglers had good energy on court, with C Julie Gear working tirelessly to move the ball down the court.

Effective communication and good use of space allowed newly promoted Gungho (formerly Weymouth Junior Netball Club) to build their lead throughout the match, finishing their second match in the division with a respectable and hard-earned lead.

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