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We are pleased to release phase two of ENgage – Membership functionality!

Phase one allowed you to manage your Organisation Profile, adding details for your club, and to prepare your members to access the system, driven by the Check and Change campaign.

Phase two includes membership functionality. Committee members with the appropriate access levels will now see the following areas in the system:

Organisation Profile – new Relationships tab

Finance – new Membership Schemes, Orders, Product Orders and Settlements tabs

You will be able to start selling membership packages from the 12 July 2019. Prior to this date, you should focus on setting up your packages and only start selling these once you are sure they are set up as required. Please read the guidance below before you start selling…

You need to make sure you…

• Add bank details
• Check that your club is linked to the correct Primary County and the basic membership packages are available
• Link your club to additional Counties (if required)
• Set up any additional membership packages you need
• Set how you wish to sell each membership package
• Add your club fees, if you wish to collect them through the system

As standard, the basic membership packages for each age category have already been set up in the Membership Schemes tab. These are based on your club’s Primary County, and include the national fee along with your primary county and regional membership fee.

Extra guidance

A guide to help you get everything prepared can be found here. We have also launched a range of guidance videos that walk you through each element of the set up. We recommend that you read through the guide or watch the videos before attempting to make changes in the system.

Here is guidance on Selling and Buying Memberships.

Remember – All clubs must enter their bank details into ENgage, set them as default and agree to all the terms, including online payment and Direct Debit. This is required, even if you don’t plan on collecting club fees through the system at this point in time, as it activates the ability for your club to sell membership packages. This information will only ever be used to make payments into your account, where applicable. Here is a video to show you what you need to do.


If you have any questions or need support using ENgage, please contact or 01509 277 850. Customer Services will be available in working hours with extended evening hours until 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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