Match Reports 27th June 2019

Match Reports 4th July 2019
9th July 2019
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11th July 2019

THE match started slowly as both teams settled into their rhythm. Allways’ GD, Gilly Woodsford, worked hard to claim possession for her team, while her shooters converted to points with skilful long shots. Artifex B displayed excellent to overcome rigid defence from Allways and edge ahead.
Artifex came back fighting, with energetic midcourt play by C, Beth Mear. The pace increased and the teams were scoring goal-for-goal; however, Allways upped their game to seize the lead by one goal going into half-time. Allways continued their scoring streak, despite intense defending from Artifex’s WD, Vicki Cosgrove.
Tactical changes for Artifex gave them renewed energy to chase every ball and lower the score difference slightly. Allways were undeterred, keeping their pace and precision; outstanding shooting by GA, Henni Green, ensured her team were able to hold onto their lead and claim the victory.

SAINTS took an early lead with superb long-range shooting by Lyndsey Gardener (GA) despite the windy conditions. Cresta upped their game with more interceptions and precise passing across the court. Although both teams showed great tactical play, Saints were able to extend their lead.
Saints’ GD, Lauren Banks, made some impressive interceptions to give her shooters more scoring opportunities. Cresta made some tactical changes; Jayne Guppy took to GA, where she was instrumental levelling the score difference. The score-line remained even for most of the third quarter but, in the final minutes, Cresta gained a small lead.
Cresta dominated play in the final quarter, with excellent use of space and accurate shooting from Sue Wooley (GA) from the edge of the D. This was reflected in the final score, as Cresta emerged triumphant after a hard-fought match.

TENSIONS were high from the outset as Expert’s attackers faced off against Artifex’s defenders. Artifex’s C, Tasha Reed, made some superb interceptions to gain possession for her team. Expert’s Hettie Hudson (GA) showed her skill with fantastic, accurate shooting to put her team in the lead.
Expert extended their lead, securing turnovers in Artifex’s D. Artifex fought back with good movement down the court and accurate feeding into the circle to lower the score difference. Expert’s WD, Kirsty Alpin, put up a rigid defence which made it hard for Artifex to find space. Tactical changes from Artifex saw Ali Holmes come on at GS, bringing renewed energy to even the score.
Expert came back fighting but Artifex dominated the midcourt, further increasing their lead. Each player gave their all but there was no stopping Artifex as they worked their way to victory.

THE match started evenly as each team was able to score from their own centre passes. DDBI upped their defence but were quick to take advantage of rebounds in DDBI’s goal circle. Forced errors by DDBI allowed Meraki to pull ahead slightly.
Meraki’s attack worked well to create space, whilst their shooters wasted no time in scoring. DDBI upped their game to even the score, putting pressure on their opponents. Some crucial interceptions by Kathryn Scott (GK) allowed DDBI to carve out a small lead. DDBI found a good rhythm in the third quarter to score a string of goals, further extending their lead.
Meraki upped their game, with Maddie Moore (C) working well around the circle edge to feed into Holly Fowler (GA), who was able to secure some good shots. DDBI responded with precise shooting from Kat De Kretsner (GA) to maintain their lead and ultimately claim the victory.

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